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Having been intrigued by the #aluviontamanga program that took the buzz on Social media, Hype Magazine Zambia arranged a sit down with the brains behind the program, the Business Developer for Aluvion Zambia, Kim Mkwananzi Madzianike.

In the highly competitive world of international perfumery and cosmetic brands, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. But this is certainly not the case for entrepreneur, Kim Mkwananzi Madzianike with her husband and business partner Oscar, the business developers of the striking luxury brand, Aluvion, the brand offering authentic perfume and cosmetics.

Having experienced a tough childhood marred by poverty, Kim had decided to focus her efforts on building herself as a “Tamanga” ( people who have to hustle to make a living ) at an early age. After working in the IT industry, she then joined a perfume company as a distributor, and that felt like her passion.

Kim believes one does not necessarily need to be educated in the field of business, she says “you don’t need to be an adept entrepreneur and the initial seed money. One has to persevere in the face of resistance and work incredibly hard to bring their ambitions to fruition, we can all lead by example and carve our own paths to success”.

Kim’s combination of belief, passion and work ethic finally paid off as the breakaway company from the perfume company that she worked for as a distributor approached her and offered the Aluvion franchise in Zambia and the rest of Southern Africa. That’s how Aluvion Zambia was born, she is still carving the Aluvion brand into the rest of Africa.

As someone who has been in the distribution before, Kim is passionate about “Tamangas” and believes in making the distributors happy and therefore inspired the #aluviontamanga idea. Like every success story of local businesses, Kim also urges local enterprises to pursue small profits and quick returns to compete for a larger market share. In her business, this has in return empowered her distributors (Tamangas) who make decent profits. She also strongly urges everyone to support other small local businesses

It is worth noting that the 36-year-old is a mother of 3 and has been able to find a balance between being a ” Tamanga, ” a mother and wife.

Outside this business, Kim has a passion for Luxury Architecture Engineering, Design and Landscaping, she has designed some awe-inspiring luxury houses which maybe one day she will share.

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Aluvion is a perfume and cosmetics brand that was developed to offer a business opportunity to the common people and financially enrich their lives. The business concept was designed in such a way that it offers people the choice of either doing it on a full-time basis or part-time as a side hustle. Anyone desiring to be a distributor can register and be ordering products at a discount and retail them at a great profit margin that ensures a high chance of success. The independent distributors can leverage on the high quality of the products as well as the reasonable pricing.


With fragrance as the main product, we do have other products including the most wanted perfumed roll on. On the list are perfumed body lotion, lipstick and eyeliner. More product lines will be gradually added. We take pride in the uncompromised quality of our products which come with a 100% money-back quality guarantee. Our Perfumes are polished and 100% authentic which is why our customers can always tell the difference from our lookalikes/ competition.


Having been a distributor also, I was in a good position to be part of the business development team influencing a good compensation plan that would surely empower the distributors to the best extend possible. Our compensation plan and pricing were designed with the consumer and the distributors in mind. Apart from their sales, distributors have an opportunity to earn referral bonus too.


Of the biggest support, we could give our distributors was a rewarding and practical compensation plan that was specifically designed with our local market in mind. We always come up with various ways to motivate them. We are currently running a car competition. Aluvion will be giving away 4 cars this year (likely in cash form due to the pandemic affecting importations). In 2017 we awarded 2 cars and some consolation prize to our hardworking distributors. I am sure you are also aware of the #aluviontamanga. We probably have a reloaded version in the near future. The #aluviontamanga is designed to support those who would want to do the business but need a push. The idea was inspired by how the individual in developed countries was helping people and small businesses that were negatively impacted by the COVID 19 Pandemic. Those that won the kits will then be coached to grow more capital and grow their Aluvion business. We will assess the results of this 1st one and adjust accordingly.

I am passionate about tamangas and vendors especially elderly tamangas who are most likely widows and single mothers and I encourage people to support them. Where possible, prioritizing buying commodities from genuine vendors is important. As a former vendor, I know how it feels and is passionate about that. Obviously hoping they can learn to grow their businesses to become a better tamangas and putting the money to good use.

As a customer-centric company, we really value feedback from our distributor and take positive action in the best possible way and at an intelligent speed.


We surely have been negatively impacted by the Pandemic but we are determined to adapt and make the best out of the new normal. It’s always important to quickly at and adjust. We have put in place all the measures recommended by the health authorities to protect our workers and our distributors. …

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