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Ananya levels up with new single release, Shy Boy 

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Rising singer, songwriter, and fashion student, Ananya, levels up with new single, Shy Boy, after breaking grounds with her Marble Eyes release which saw her have the biggest song in Zimbabwe and receive radio playlisting on over 37 radio stations in South Africa.

For Shy Boy, Ananya teamed up with Toronto based music producer and international award-winning songwriter, Rich Pilkington, who produced the 80s inspired beat.

“The approach in the voice of Shy Boy encompasses tables turning and exposes the change from vulnerability and weakness to strength and self-worth. It draws power from a negative situation and being able to overcome it. I’m so excited to share it!” expresses Ananya.

You can stream or download Ananya’s Shy Boy here: https://lnkfi.re/shyboy

Watch the Shy Boy music video here: 

Shy Boy explains outgrowing a relationship one hoped would last. Although difficult to accept, the resultant feeling of increased self-confidence is worth it.

Ananya’s relatable track is laced with lyrics such as:

You can keep your hands to yourself boy

Or share them with the world, like you do boy

Don’t wanna waste my time

Not gonna change my mind

On where you stand

You can take the love that you don’t give

I’ll see you to the door, be gone with it

You never had my back

And I’m so over that

I can’t be damned

Connect with Ananya on social media for more music news and listen out for Shy Boy on your favourite radio stations and TV channels.

Connect with Ananya:

Facebook: @ananyamakesmusic

Twitter: @ananyaworldwide

Instagram: @ananyamakesmusic

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