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All Hail The Queen Of Media: Mutale Mwanza

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Mutale Mwanza is a Zambian television presenter, radio personality, producer, voice over artist, entrepreneur and brand influencer.

Born in Kitwe on the Copperbelt Province in October, 1987 in a family of 5, Mutale as she is mononymously known made a name for herself as host of the most popular breakfast show on FlavaFM, one of Zambia’s leading radio stations which she hosted for 4 years.

Mutale is currently part of the Hot FM Red Hot Breakfast Trio. Mutale’s flamboyant presentation skills and a signature voice has earned her a spot as one of the four beautiful hosts of Zambezi Magic new Lifestyle show Tuvwange.

Mutale is  a brand ambassador for the Keep Zambia Clean Green & Healthy Campaign under the Ministry of Local Government.

The Mayor of The Greater City of Lusaka His Worship Mr. Miles Sampa appointed Mutale Ubusaka ambassador

Mutale is also a brand influencer for Shaarz Cosmetics-Zambia and the official female voice over artist for Urban TV Nigeria which broadcast on DStv Channel 328,Nigeria.

Known to be witty, well researched and highly influential especially on social media, Mutale has been considered a definite force to reckon with whose social media following is ever growing. With 69.3K followers on Instagram, 6.6K on Twitter and 37K on Facebook, she is among the most followed influencers in Zambia.

Hype Magazine Zambia had a talk with Mutale.

Hi Mutale! Tell us a bit about who you are and how you would you best describe your role(s)?

Mutale Mwanza is a mother, daughter, Auntie, journalist, voiceover artist and entrepreneur. I am a media personality aged 32.. I love dancing reading and listening to music. I grew up listening to music. My mother lives on the Copperbelt in Kitwe and I am the forth born in the family of 5.
I attended Nkana Trust Primary School, then later went to Ibenga Girls Secondary School. I studied Business Administration at Zamtel College and soon after started work for Flava FM in 2008.

How do you balance it all, especially as a Mother! How long have you been doing radio and TV for?

By God’s grace, however, I have a job that allows working flexible hours. I am on the radio from 6 until 9hrs in the morning and if I need to do reports or fieldwork I continue with that and then immediately head home. My son usually finds me home when he gets off school which enables me to check his homework, cook for him, and then hang out.

I started my radio career in 2008 and was mentored by DJ Gesh Groove Chishala Chitoshi. He taught me everything I know in radio until 2012. I then decided move to South Africa where I worked for Good Morning Africa thanks to Chuma Phiri who hooked up up with the Good Morning Africa production team. I worked there for a year and then started my TV Show titled Kumwesu under Underground Focus Productions. And that’s where TV career was born. It enabled me to express a different side of myself and I love it.

Do you enjoy what you do?

Yes. When I wake every morning and I am heading to HOT FM, or to shoot Tuvwange, its something I look forward to doing and doesn’t fill like work.
I love listening to music, I love making sure that people are getting justice, I love making sure that our leaders are doing what they are supposed to do in terms of governing our country. I love it so much that it doesn’t feel like work.
I grew up listening to music. My sisters and I used to listen to music a lot. My mum’s brother Uncle PJ liked to listen to a lot of Tupac Shakur. My older brother used to listen to a lot of Warren G, My late sister used to listen to Allure and my immediate sister has her taste in music so I grew up listening to a lot of music.

Where did the passion for it come from?

I never really understood the talent that God placed in me when I was young, all I know is that mostly when we have a concert or a play I would be picked as a narrator and I did not know that it could be a career. I would act here and there and also do a lot of choreography in Secondary School but the narrator issue is where my presenter passion was born from. I grew up watching people like Nonhle Tema. She was the first face of Dark n Lovely Africa. I loved to watch her a lot.

Which powerful women do you admire the most?

When it comes to powerful women I admire of course I would have to start with my mum, she is a strong woman, I love her to death, and her strength gives me strength. The powerful women in the industry include Oprah Winfrey, Tyra Banks, and, nowadays you have the Bonang Matheba who has changed the game.

What projects you are currently working on? Which project is going to release first in the coming days?

I am working on several projects this year. This is the Year 20 plenty and it’s a really exciting year for me. It’s the year where I am settling into my own and taking everything that belongs to me with both hands. I am working on my talk show. I must say I can’t let cat out of the bag with this things, but I am working with a certain beauty line and that an endorsement deal and that’s special and important for me. And I am also working on giving back to the Girl Child, those are still things that are under the works, I don’t want to give out too much yet but at an appropriate time I will let you in on it.

This year’s theme for International Women’s Day is “#EachforEqual”, Do you feel like as a woman there are more expectations and pressures to deliver?

As a woman I am going by this year’s theme, I do feel like that there are a lot of expectations from women in terms of being able to deliver compared to a man. There is so much pressure that is placed on a woman and most cases you see that we are being disadvantaged. Lately, our voices are stronger, louder but it still doesn’t take away certain elements of how society views us. Hope we can get there one day. I think we are making strides in the right direction but as you know will always be told that a man is more superior to us. In terms of work and opportunities, it would be nice if the playing field was leveled but it really is a work in progress, it needs each and every woman to speak out in order for us to achieve certain things for ourselves.

Zambia has not yet attained 30% women representation in decision making positions, your comment..

Politically, I think women are making strides in the right direction with having more women being appointed in positions of power as compared to a few years ago. Women are winning even in other sectors. However, we could do more, but, I think we are advancing in the right direction, slowly and steady.

Do you have any ambitions of being in the political arena?

I don’t have any political ambitions Oh No! I don’t have any right now… I actually want to start studying law sometime this year once I find the time. I have always wanted to be a lawyer. Politics right now is not on my mind…

Give us an insight on your tactics for posing difficult questions you know you have to ask:

When I am conducting interviews where I need to ask difficult questions, I do not use any tactics or anything like that. I feel like there is no need to sugar coat things. The public needs answers, we as citizens need answers to questions because we want our country to be better. We need to probe, we need to ask why certain things are the way they are, are doing better, are we getting better, why is money being spent the way it is, is it being channeled in the right direction, or is it being misapplied. I do not have any tactics, but, I see things for what they are and I ask questions based on that. I think it’s my passion for the work that I do and the sort of interviews I conduct and the conversations that I have that make me ask questions the way they are and it’s easy because of if things are straight forward, then let them be straight forward. Questions should be asked courteously and of course straight forward.

What are some of your survival tips for dealing with critics or criticism? (Can we discuss the recent public meltdowns and how did you address it)

I pray. I cry. I call my mum. I sleep. Everything I do and at every stage in my life I have been criticized or I have attracted some sort of controversy and few times its self inflicted but most of the time its what comes with the job that I do and the person that I am. Being a woman hasn’t been easy in this industry because even though I have many talents and abilities certain people want to downplay that to the fact that I am a woman and maybe I am attractive and that it gets me favours which is very offensive. However, I will not stop talking about the fact that a woman can work and achieve her goals, and she can do it in heels with her qualifications and she doesn’t need a man. We have brains and we think. We don’t sleep our way to the top. It is offensive and very demeaning to think that all we good for.
So the meltdown, well it wasn’t even a meltdown I was just ranting, I was just talking and speaking my mind. And I was able to carry on with the show thereafter, it’s not like I ran into the bathroom and started crying. I spoke my mind, I needed the people who spread fake stories on social media to know what time it is and I don’t want to be lied upon all the time. It puts my work in a very awkward position and I didn’t like that at all. Sometimes you just have to be courageous and say what you have to say and keep it moving! I am not going to allow people with their fake social media stories to bully me or push the public to believe that I am a certain type of person of which I am not. So I had to stand up for myself.

What would you say is your biggest achievement to date?

That’s a tricky one. I wish I could say more than one because I am struggling, I do have quite a number. God has been so good to me. Career-wise I was able to present and produce a lifestyle TV show that aired on a continental platform ( to the rest of Africa.) The young girl from Kitwe, I did that…I did that.

Do you have any tips or advice for any woman who wants to follow the same career path as yourself?

My advice is to read Mathews 25: 14-30. The Parable of Talents. “Multiply whatever God has placed in you” Do your best at it. Practice makes perfect!

What do you do when not working?

When I am not working, I am home with my son watching TV or reading or sleeping.

On a lighter note what are your current top 5 songs on your playlist and why?

1. Jay Rox- Distance, I love this song. It’s such a vibe! And I am so proud of the artist he has evolved into
2. Chef187, Wezi and Jay Max- Ghetto Constitution. This collaboration of the artist is just mind-blowing. I love the way Wezi belted out the notes! And I enjoy Chef’s music. I am a big fan.
3. Davido- Risky. It’s a jam
4. Dope Boys- Mbelengende. These guys have mad energy and talent that will definitely propel them to greater heights. I am so proud of them.
5. Tasha Cobbs Feat. Nicky Minaj. I am Getting Ready. That song speaks to my soul and keeps me going. God is my Strength, I am because He is!

For more information about
Mutale Mwanza follow her on:

Instagram @Mutalemwanzamedia
Facebook: Mutale Mwanza
Twitter: @MutaleMwanza

Hair By: Touched by Julie Northmead and De Julie Hair Salon Radisson Blu
MakeUp By: Sarah’s Glow Expression
Dresses : Addict Zambia
Shoes By: Vonse Classy
Photo studio: Vonse Classy
Photography By: WN Photography

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