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Agent Sasco Drop Video For New Catchy & Educative Single LOCO!

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Jamaican dancehall DJ, Jeffrey Campbell, the artist formerly known as Assassin who now goes by the name Agent Sasco has released a single from his upcoming EP called “LOCO”. The song is a fast-paced and upbeat track with a frenzied beat that is sure going to become a much-requested-for song in the near future.

The video for LOCO was produced by Teflon of Zincfence Records was filmed on a gritty looking street in what is assumably Jamaica. From the start, the beat is hyped and the artist is able to maintain his verses and energy throughout, without overdoing or over-emphasizing the points he was making.

In the song, Agent Sasco laments the fact that many youths are obsessed with being gangsters and besides drinking things that aren’t good for them or being involved with guns, they are now obsessing over likes on social media.

He also talks about young females who record themselves in compromising positions for likes and also condemns young males who boast of their sexual exploits with this, particularly the vulnerable group.

His low, raspy vocals work well on the track and also help to keep the song engaging as he delivers a significant message about youth falling prey to mental health issues at a much quicker pace than generations before them.

Agent Sasco then tells a story about his rise to success and the fact that after persistence he now owns his own clothing line and has been travelling the world performing his songs. He uses himself as an example of how someone can stick to their dreams and still attain success without having to resort to violence.

This song will resonate with many who feel that there is a generation of upcoming youths that need guidance if they are to stay on the right track.

Watch the video below:

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