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Ms Selfie: Zambia’s House DJ Marking Her International Territory

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Ms Selfie is a Zambian Afro house DJ known for her versatility and passion for House Music.
Ms Selfie joined the entertainment industry and started her DJing career in September 2018 intrigued with spinning records and being in environments where people are free to express themselves.

Ms Selfie who says was mentored by Sebastien Dutch infuses both new and nostalgic sounds into her sets to create a vibe. She now hosts her own events at Fox and Hound.

In a short space Ms Selfie has toured almost all Southern Africa countries- one of the highlights being the Lake of Stars in Malawi in 2019. She has worked and participated in a number of programs, including having been a mentor in the Rackless Kazi Residency ,which is an interactive residency featuring an all women line up of international DJ mentors from Namibia, South Africa, Zambia and the U.K. The aim of the project is to facilitate, connect and build networks amongst young women who are largely under-represented in electronic music culture. The show is hosted by Modzi Arts and the British Council Of Zambia.

She has also worked with Jamz Supernova, Jackie Queens, Emily Dust, Catu Diosis, Gina Jeanz, Alba Nalo and Rossie Parade, Sampa The Great and many others.

Special Events include Rackless Kazi, NuCulture events, National Arts Council Of Zambia Year of the Arts Silver Jubilee 2019, Beefeater PinkNic
2019, BudXNdola 2019, Jameson Connects Zed
2019, Big10Up 2019, Surreal Electronica 2019, I Love House Mini Coachella, Beerville 2019, R&G Oktoberfest 2019, PR Girl Beerville (Oktoberfest), R&G October fest,
Lake of Stars Malawi 2019, Chasing Summer 2018, Flying Fish Summer Party 2018, Party In The Wild 2018, Mosi Chillz 1&2-2018. Rackless Kazi 2019 Zambia and Zimbabwe, BudHouse house part (hosted by Sebastien Dutch) 2019.

Other works: In-house DJ for the NuCulture movement. Worked with Jamz Supernova, Jackie Queens, Alba Nalo and Rossie Parade during the
Rackless Kazi program hosted by Modzi Arts and the British Council Of Zambia, DJ at The Final Form Tour with Sampa The Great, Facilitator at the
FemPower workshop during women’s month 2019 Hosted by Women of Deep South Africa, Guest DJ at the Surreal Electronica event at bar Kitcheners Braamfontein (RSA), Guest DJ at the Deep In The
Night (DITN) at Cotton Lounge in Sandton (RSA), Guest DJ mix on YFM (RSA) for women’s day 2019.

Manager: Webster Kasongo
Contact Details: +260977212672,

EmailAddress: websterkas@hotmail.com

Social media platforms:


Download and listen to Ms Selfie’s special house mix for Hype Magazine Zambia, Women’s Month special edition below:


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