•Nationality: Ugandan
•Profession: News anchor for NTV Uganda. TV & radio
presenter, actress, emcee and speaker.
•Education: Public Relations and Media.
Flavia Tumusiime, has become a consistent and progressive face in Uganda and Africa’s media world. Her journey began at the age of 14 when she landed top spot as one of the hosts of popular teens show (teens club) on then WBS TV.
She later did a short stint on HOT 100 radio before being offered a show on the number one radio station in Uganda 91.3 capital fm where she now hosts the mid-morning show daily.
•She made news as the first East African to co-host the popular Big brother Africa reality show in 2012.
•She is now a prime time news anchor on NTV Uganda where she is also a digital influencer.
•Featured on CNN African Voices as one of 3 growing African female brands of 2017.
•She is now in the space of digital influencing with brands like MTN and UBL where she is the red card ambassador for the flagship promotion UBL Designated Driver that cautions against drunk driving.
•She is a content producer with her own production company Maraz PR.
•A voice over artist who has enjoyed a catalog of clients like telecoms, beverage companies and also NGO FEATURE DOCUMETARIES and is the prompt voice of Warid now known as Airtel.
Jan-may 2006: Hot 100
May 2006- Presenter 91.3 Capital fm
2007 – Kiwani: supporting role
2010 – Irreversible regret : supporting role
2014 – Beneath the lies : Principal actress
• 2007: Hosted Women’s day event for Talent Africa group.
• 2007: Stella Atal fashion Show
• 2009: MTN promotions for the youth segment.
• 2009: Unilever school Program activations
• 2009: BUZZ teeniez awards
• 2010: BUZZ teeniez awards
• 2010: Miss Uganda preliminaries co-host
• 2010: African woman magazine cover girl event co-host
• 2011: Guinness promotion activations co-host
• 2012: Hosted Launch of Amagara Skincare line
• 2013: FESPAD festival for Africa co-host
• 2013: Tropical bank 40th anniversary
• 2014: Airtel women’s day concert

We asked Flavia a few questions in line with the International Women’s Day theme;

•Is it (still) necessary as a woman nowadays to decide between career and children, and what advice would you give to young women in this regard?

Women should decide to follow a journey that suits them. There will always be the patriarchal people who will dictate where a women place should be. Fortunately for me, I did not listen to those and at 45 years of age i do not regret my decision to not have children.
Young women need to understand their power and that they have a place in every room and at every table. They should be told they will be locked out and should be given the tools to learn how to break those locks and pull up their own chairs or create their own platforms.

•In your experience, are there aspects of culture that must be addressed to speed up improved gender relationship?

Culture and traditional roles need to be scrapped and people need to stop hanging onto these archaic ideologies. I am not saying we should disrespect culture but if you look at women who work so hard in the rural areas, certain cultures do not see that as a problem
but they have a problem with educating a woman and letting her go out and earn more money for her family. Wok is work and as women we should not be denied certain avenues based on our reproductive organs.

•What small, practical steps should employers take to improve gender balance in the workplace?

– Stop placing men in charge of women issues.
– Ask the women what they want. Focus groups.
– They need to learn, do research.
– They should change bathrooms or add GNC toilets.
– Maternity and paternity leave should be equal amount of days.
– Day care clinic in buildings should be introduced.
– A lot of corporates have noted that remote working stations are more productive.

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