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Abigail Chansa, Professional Make Up Artist And Founder Of Abby’s MakeOver MasterClass.

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Q. When did you start your company (Agency)

A  I started my Makeup and Beauty Journey in 2016

Q. What inspired you to start this journey?

A. My inspiration to start this journey was by not seeing myself dependant on others or rather not managing to fulfill my needs in life.

Q. Who are your role models in the Industry?

A. My role model is Mihlali Ndamase

Q. What are the challenges that you are facing in the Industry?

A. Not being able to meet the demand as i am sometimes overbooked and my aim is to keep my clients happy.


Q. What are your achievements over the past years in the Industry?

A. In this Beauty Indusrty, it has paved  way for me in several ways, i have had an opportunity to meet and work on local and international celebrities and i am so proud. These are top musicians, TV personalities and other inspirational people.

Q. What do you think is best to improve the Industry in Zambia?

A. The best way to improve the Beauty Industry in Zambia is to get more international exposure and learning to do different makeup effects and not the same kind of looks done locally.


Q. How do you see your growth in the next 3 years?

A. In the next 3 years i would like to see myself graduate as i am studyimg and running my business at the same time. I would also like to see myself start a new successful business which will be absolutely different from Makeup.

Q. What are your words of advice to upcoming entrepreneurs in Zambia?

A. My word of advice to upcoming Makeup artists is that, always stay focused, believe in yourself before anyone believes in you. Always plan ahead and keep your dreams alive.



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