5 Tips To Living A High-Fashion Lifestyle on a Budget

Want to know the secret to living a high-fashion lifestyle without having to dish out thousands of rands every few months to get the latest trending item for your home?

Step a little closer and we’ll tell you…

Get your state of mind right

Firstly, class isn’t directly linked to your bank balance – it’s a state of mind and it’s a state of confidence – and class is always a great fashion statement. If you have the right attitude and carry yourself with confidence, you are more than halfway to living a high-fashion lifestyle.

Intelligent shopping

Big fashion labels come with big prices – and who can afford to spend a month’s salary on a small slip of a dress?

If you spend a bit of time shopping around you can find similar, if not almost exactly the same, styles as you would at a big-label store. Or visit labels’ factory stores where high fashion brands’ items are often massively discounted.

High-fashion tip: Buy good-quality staples for your wardrobe, then dress them up with different accessories to change their look. This way you won’t lose your unique identity – and you can start to build your own signature style.

Put out the welcome mat

Secondly, your home is your kingdom – keep it stylish and welcoming for guests. You’d be amazed how much more impressed guests are with a home where they feel welcomed and comfortable, with a few talking-point pieces, than a space that is overflowing with fashionable items that makes it feel more like an art gallery than a home. You want to tap into your guests’ emotional havens of feeling safe, comfortable, and at home in your space, with classy touches that add the “wow” factor.

High-fashion tip: Accessorising is your secret weapon! Things like scatter cushions, throws, rugs, artwork, lampshades and beautiful pot plants can change the whole look of your lounge. Lighting has superpowers for changing the look and feel of a room – add a new lampshade to an existing lamp to change the ambience in the room. Or get a different colour and texture of scatter cushions to give your room a whole different vibe.

High-fashion home

We all know the prices of big-ticket items like lounge suites, smart TVs, high-quality entertainment systems, fridges, and other furnishings can be exorbitant. And if you’re trying to follow the latest fashion trends, we hope you have a Beyoncé kind of bank account.

For the rest of us who still want the high-fashion home without the celebrity price tag – there’s a nifty little secret…

You can subscribe to the things you want for your home for as long (or as little) as you want them. When the trend changes, you can change your items to match.

And it is as simple as that! For a month-to-month subscription (like you would subscribe to Netflix or Disney+ to watch the movies or series of your choice with the option to cancel at any time) you can have a 70″ big-screen Smart TV from Teljoy for your next episode of Isibaya, or to watch your fave soccer team nail the opposition in a Saturday afternoon match. Or get a superb sound system and have your crew over for a Saturday afternoon braai and some cool beats to kick the weekend into high gear.

Need to change the look of your lounge suite? No stress! You could have a trendy Fendi Daisy Tub Chair in July and swap it out with a Chanel Stone Daybed for August. And voilá, no massive cash outlay required – and you have a look that oozes class and fashion.

High-fashion tip: Be careful not to mix too many different styles in the rooms in your home. This can make the room look out of balance and thrown together rather than trendy and fashionable. Stick to one theme, and don’t mix too many colours – this looks gaudy as opposed to classy.

Keep the heart of your home styling

Cliche as it may be, the kitchen remains the heart of the home. Like when friends come over and chat and laugh with you over a glass of wine in the kitchen while you’re cooking up a storm.

So if guests keep circling to the kitchen, it’s got to be styling right? Eyes will naturally wander to your stove, microwave, and appliances. Stir the jasmine rice over a gorgeous Italian La Germania Rustica hybrid gas stove and electric oven (you laugh at load shedding!), and crisp up those delectable potato wedges in your Philips Avance Premium Air Fryer XXL. Or accent your kitchen with a stylish Smeg kettle and toaster, to add that pop of colour and retro glam.

A perfect hostess is too busy entertaining to have time to do the dishes, which is why a dishwasher is the perfect addition to your kitchen. tack those dirty dishes in your slick Hisense stainless steel dishwasher, and leave it to do its thing while you pour another glass of bubbles.

And then next month, change up the brands in your kitchen and keep your guests wondering how on earth you manage to stay so on-trend. The best part is you can get all of these things from one place (because who has time to drive around the city looking for deals?). Teljoy offers subscriptions to all these items at the click of a button, and quick delivery to your door, with the option to upgrade, downgrade and cancel at any time.

High-fashion tip: Have good quality cutlery, serviettes and smaller kitchen and serving utensils like salt and pepper shakers. You can change the look of your kitchen as much as you like, but if your guests are eating with poor-quality cutlery and seasoning their food with grubby shakers, this doesn’t leave a good impression.

Get help around the house

Better yet, let someone else pack the dishwasher for you. There are some fantastic cleaning services available from companies like Sweepsouth, which allow you to book a domestic worker for your night of entertaining (and maybe the morning afterwards). Or get them in a couple of times a week to keep your home looking clean and well-cared for.

The beauty of it is that you don’t have to worry about keeping your home spotless at all times in case of unexpected guests (for when your best friend pops over unannounced for a cup of tea) – you have a professional home cleaner doing it for you. And being able to book the service you need on the app helps you to save money – while providing someone with an income.

High-fashion tip: Being able to book a domestic worker is especially valuable if you’re a single mom or dad whose time is probably more limited – a big challenge if you’re having people round for a meal on a Friday night, for example. Having resources like these offers you the support you need to save you time and stress

With a few simple tips and tricks, you can afford to live a high-fashion lifestyle without draining your bank account and keep people wondering how you manage to do it all AND have it all (and look good doing it)!

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